Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Jungle Stand ~ May 2013

Welcome to my newest food subscription box : The Jungle Stand.

This subscription is not like any other food box available. What makes The Jungle Stand different is, it offers tastes of each item, which are centered around a monthly theme. These tastes replace the sample size or full sized product, you would normally see in a Goodies Co. or Love with Food subscription box.

The Jungle Stand refers to these tastes as a "bar" or "tasting bar." Each box or "tasting bar" you receive is designed to be experienced like a game. In this months tasting bar, I had to guess the secret ingredient in different pieces of brownie brittle.

The Jungle Stand is $9.92 a month, including shipping. In my opinion, the tastes are generous! There was definitely enough for 2 people to share! This would be an awesome date night activity with the hubby!

The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar is beautifully packaged & presented, complete with nutrition facts. There is also a colorful, glossy card that explains how to play the game on one side, and a scorecard on the other side.  Each taste is color coordinated to the corresponding information on the card.

The Jungle Stand also provides a package of saltine crackers to cleanse your palette between tastes.

  Taste Number One ~ Green

Taste Number Two ~ Yellow

Taste Number Three ~Pink
I was torn between Cinnamon Cappuccino & Orange, and initially chose Orange, but had to change my answer after I tasted the next item.

Taste Number Four ~ Red!

Taste Number Five ~ Blue
Spicy, but Delicious!

Taste Number Six ~ Orange
Delicious, and a perfect way to end the tasting!

As you can see, I finished every last bite!

So, did I guess correctly?

Yes! I got them all correct!

Please come back and see what I get in my June, The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar!

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