Friday, June 28, 2013

The Goodies Co. ~ June 2013

If you are new to The Goodies Co., please see my post here, explaining how The Goodies Co.  food subscription service works!

My Goodies Co. box was the last of my food subscription boxes to come this month. Overall, I wasn't too impressed. My favorite item in the box was the Duchy Originals Highland All Butter Shortbread.

All of the other items, were just "okay" with the exception of the seaweed, which I tasted while in my son's occupational therapy session, and then passed off to my hubby who enjoys "fishy" foods.

I was pretty disappointed to see the Pringles Stix & Lays Stax in there. The main reason I sign up for food subscription services, is to discover new brands I've never heard of. I don't think Pringles or Lays need any more publicity to garner new salty snack lovers. If you haven't heard of Pringles or Lays, you must have been living under a rock or something! I need to keep in mind the Goodies boxes are curated by Walmart, so I guess I can expect a fair amount of "mainstream" snacks. My kids did enjoy these though.

 gimMe All Natural Crumbles Roasted Seaweed Snacks in Cheddar Cheese.

Yuck! Passed these on to my hubby.

Full Size, Retail Value $1.44

 Pringles Cheese Stix 

These tasted like Goldfish Crackers, with a light dusting of cheese powder. 

Pringles Stix also come in Pizza & Honey Mustard. 

These are a "Taster's Box Exclusive," which means subscribers get this item in their box, but they are unavailable to purchase in the Goodies online marketplace. If you want to purchase one of these items, you need to find another retailer( like Walmart) to purchase it.

Full Size, Retail Value $1.99

Lays Stax Adobadas

These are basically tomato flavored chips. These are okay, but I much prefer BBQ or Sour Cream & Onion!

These were also a "Taster's Box Exclusive."

Full Size, Retail Value $1.18

 Dream Water Sleep & Relaxation Shot in nighTEA night

While I didn't feel sleepy after drinking it, I did sleep through the night, whereas, I had been walking in the middle of the night, the previous two nights. 

It tasted pretty gross, too!

Full Size, Retail Value $2.49

Smooch Lip Smackingly Good Apple, Raspberry & Peach Fruit Snack

This is the pretty standard pureed fruit pouch, with the addition of chia seeds. My 5 year old daughter enjoyed this!

Full Size, Retail Value $1.99

 Duchy Originals from Waitrose Highland All Butter Shortbread

The best item in the box! Crispy & buttery. I wish I had saved these to eat, while drinking a cup of tea.

2 Cookies, Retail Value $ ? These are normally sold in a larger box for $5.99.

The retail value without the cookies is $9.09. So I definitely got my money's worth, and remember the shipping is free!

Please come back and see what I get in my Goodies Co. box next month!

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