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About this blog

My Sesame Seed Buns features reviews of products and services, giveaways, and promotions of interest to moms & children. I also feature semi-homemade meals, holiday recipes and/or crafts, as well as my love for Disneyland!

Hostess of My Sesame Seed Buns

I'm Kira, and I'm a married mother to a little boy born in 2005 & a little girl born in 2008. I'm also a two (soon to be three!) time gestational surrogate to 2 little girls. I'm located about 45 minutes north of Los Angeles, Ca.

When it comes to new products and services, I love being the first to try something, and then tell all my friends about it. Blogging has allowed me to widen that circle of friends, so I can give my honest opinion to the masses!

You can e-mail me at

Reviews & Giveaways

I'm currently accepting offers of products and services for reviews and giveaways.

1. If you have a strict deadline for a review, please make that known in the e-mail.

2. I will not review a product or service without personally trying it out first, so please don't offer me photos as a replacement for the real thing. I firmly believe it's impossible to give an honest review of a location, service or product without actually experiencing it.

Disclosure Policy
I believe in transparency and will freely disclose when I have received complimentary products for review or received any form of compensation to discuss a product or site.

I will say exactly what I think of a product or service I'm reviewing. If I have problems with a product, I will contact you before the review is posted.  I generally won't publish a review of a product I completely dislike.

Giveaway Winners
All winners are selected by random drawing from total valid entries using a random number generator, unless giveaway details specify otherwise. Winners must abide by the rules of the giveaway or an alternate winner will be selected. Print Friendly and PDF
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