Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What's Good at the 99 Cent Only Store this Week ? 5-22-13

Today was the first shop in weeks, that I was SUPER excited about what I found. My eyes must have been as wide as saucers, when I saw the 18 ct. Gevalia Dark Royal Roast K-Cups.

I just bought 5 - 12 ct. boxes at Ralph's a few weeks prior. They were on sale for $6.99. If you bought 5, you saved $5. There were also $1.00/1 tear pad coupons, bringing them down to $4.99 or $.41 a K-Cup. I was okay with that, lol.  What you see above are 18 count boxes, making each K-Cup only $.05! AMAZING! We go through Coffee like crazy in our house!

One of the boxes I purchased was opened & one K-Cup was missing. However, even a 17 ct. box for $.99 is a steal, so I picked it up anyway. These retail for at least $11.99 a box....score!

I also found Mrs. May's Naturals Crispy Veggie Chips! I've heard of this brand, because their products have been included in several of the subscription box services, lately. So, I knew they would probably be great, and I was right! This retails for around $5.00 a bag!

And last but not least, I found Biscoff Spread. If you are not familiar with Biscoff Spread, it's basically a spread, with the same consistency of creamy peanut butter, but made out of ground up Biscoff brand cookies. It's sweet with hints of cinnamon & brown sugar.  Please check out my recipe for Banana Biscoff Rice Krispie Treats here. This retails for around $4.00 a jar.

Pictured Above:

18 ct. Gevalia Kaffe Dark Royal Roast K-Cups Exp. 6-29-13

4 oz. Mrs. May's Naturals Crispy Veggie Chips Garden Fresh Mix Exp. 7-16-13 (See Close-Up Pic Below)

14.1 oz. Lotus Biscoff Spread Exp. 7-14-13

8 ct. Earth's Best Strawberry Snack Bars Exp. 7-26-13

5 oz. Sun-Maid Oatmeal Raisin Apple Cookies Exp. 1-24-14

16 oz. Wish-Bone Balsamic Marinade with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Exp. 6-11-13

13.75 oz. Betty Crocker Hot Chocolate Cupcake Mix Exp. 10-4-13

17.4 oz. Betty Crocker Hot Chocolate Brownie Mix Exp. 9-26-13

My 99 Cent Only Store has had these forever, I just haven't picked them up until now, for some reason.

64 oz. Cal-Maid 100% Unsweetened Orange Juice Exp. None that I can see.

2 pound bags of Promate Nectarines

Here are some other things I spotted worth mentioning.....

Please come back next week to see what I pick up at the 99 Cent Only Store!

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HK said...

Wow, the K-cup pack is an AMAZING deal. We just got a Keurig machine in the office, so I've been on the lookout for deals on the individual K-cups themselves. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled to see if my local store happens to have these, the next time I go shopping. Thanks for the tip! :-)

Kira Sanders said...

You're Welcome HK. I'll be on the lookout for more as well. I was able to get the last four on the shelf at my store, but could always use more!

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