Thursday, May 9, 2013

What's Good at the 99 Cent Only Store this Week? Plus, Bella's Teas & Treats in Fillmore, Ca

I apologize this post is a day late.

Yesterday, my daughter and I went on a field trip with her preschool class to Fillmore & Western Railway Co. where we took a short train ride to the Fillmore Trout Hatchery. You are encouraged to bring dimes to purchase fish food to feed the fish. Total fun for pre-schoolers!

The highlight of our day, was a charming little tea room, that I was referred to by the Fillmore Visitor's Center at the train station. Our return train ride ended right around lunch time, and my daughter was hungry, so we decided to head over to Bella's Teas & Treats. I'm so glad we did! My daughter is going to kindergarten in the fall, and I cherish the special moments, I have left with her as a pre-schooler. Since, this was an impromptu visit, all I had to take pictures was my cell phone camera, so I apologize for the quality.

Just wanted to share....What a special treat & I highly recommend stopping by if you are in the neighborhood!

Okay, on to the 99 Cent Only Store! I must say that I was not too impressed this week. But, I wasn't there on my regular day, so that might be the reason!


12 oz. Canyon Farms Frozen Strawberry, Peach Pineapple Exp. 1-19-15

12 oz. Canyon Farms Frozen Strawberries Exp. 12-30-14

12 oz. Canyon Farms Frozen Strawberries & Blackberries Exp. 1-18-15

I thought the frozen fruit would be perfect in a smoothie with....

32 oz. Alpina Avena Light Oat-Based Smoothie Exp. 5-21-13

Also I spotted...

2 oz. Cracker Jack'd Power Bites in Vanilla Mocha & Cocoa Java Exp. 8-13-13
Each package has the equivalent caffeine to one cup of coffee! Interesting! 

32 oz. Winn Dixie Pretzels Exp. 7-1-13

5 oz. Green Giant Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips Exp. 7-3-13 
I'm excited to try these!

12 oz. Nature's Turn All Natural Strawberry Jam Exp. 1-2-16 
Very Excited about this product! I hate serving high fructose corn syrup laden jam to my children!

There were other flavors as well! Orange Marmalade, Apricot & Peach!


3 ct. Wii remote skins from Nintendo! These are a great find! Not a knock off brand!

I didn't buy any of these, but snapped a picutre in case you were interested!

Please come back next week to see what I pick up at my 99 Cent Only Store!

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