Friday, May 17, 2013

7th Heaven Clean Up Mud Volcanic Mud Exfoliating Masque

Have many of you out there are a fan of mud masks?

I must admit that it has been ages since I used one. Really, like ages.... I'm 34 years old, and I must have been in high school. My mom probably had a mud mask in a tube, and indulged me by allowing me to try some. Since I'm going to be 35 next year, I feel it's time to start getting serious about skincare. Currently, I'm not very at all. I dont' follow any kind of skin care regimen, other than just washing my face with a cleanser daily. However, I plan coming up with some kind of plan, so I can keep my skin looking youthful!

I was lucky enough to receive this Clean Up Mud Volcanic Mud Exfoliating Masque from 7th Heaven and Swaggable. This mask is made of Moroccan Volcanic Clay and Lava Pumice. It also contains Organic Rosemary, Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Cloves, Organic White Willow & Organic Tea Tree Oil. All ingredients are 100% natural, with no artificial preservatives. This particular masque is designed for normal or oily skin, and claims to flush out your pores & condition your skin.

So basically, you just squirt the contents of the packet into your hands, and apply it to your skin. I didn't have any make-up on before using it, so I just rinsed my face as suggested in the directions with warm water.

The appearance of the mud is smooth, but as you apply it, you can feel the pulverized pumice exfoliating your skin. The scent that stood out to me the most was the Tea Tree Oil.

This is what I looked like with the masque freshly applied. I really need to invest in one of those cotton headband things, so the mud doesn't get in my hair! It was fine though, it came out easily when I rinsed it off.

This is what the masque looked like after the 15 to 20 min hardening time.  

The masque smelled great, and feel great going on, however, waiting the 20 minutes to let the masque harden was borderline torture!  As the masque starts to harden, you have less and less ability to move your facial muscles. I don't suffer from any type of claustrophobia that I know of, but I can imagine it might feel something like wearing this masque! I couldn't wait to rinse it off,lol. I was literally checking the clock every minute, the last 5 minutes! 

After rinsing off the masque with warm water, my skin did feel conditioned. I'm not sure how well it cleaned out my pores, since I don't really have oily or acne prone skin. I occasionally get pimples on my chin area, and haven't had any breakouts since using this masque, so assume it did what it claimed! This mud masque retails for $2.99.

I was asked by Swaggable to review the 7th Heaven Clean Up Mud Volcanic Exfoliating Masque.. I received a free sample from 7th Heaven, but was not compensated for this post. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


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