Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Best $7 I Ever Spent ~ The Goodies Co.

How many of you have jumped on the subscription box band wagon yet? I recently went crazy and signed up for 5 different subscription box services, and I'm on the waiting list for a sixth! As those boxes trickle in, I'll share with you all the amazing products I receive!

I think this particular box, from The Goodies Co., is an amazing value! I first learned about The Goodies Co. on Facebook. There was an ad in the side bar of my Facebook news feed, where I clicked and requested an invite. The Goodies Co. is still currently available by invite only, however in this months box, there was a promo code to "skip the line." So, if you don't want to wait a few weeks for an invite, use the promo code SKIPTHELINE.

The Goodies Co. box is only $7 a month! And, when you complete reviews of the products you receive, on their website, you are rewarded with points. These points can be used to purchase free boxes! How sweet is that!?! Also, if you absolutely love something, you can purchase the full size version on The Goodies Co. website.

Okay, on to the May 2013 box!

The Goodies Co. box looks like this when it arrives.

The inside of the box is adorable, and everything was packaged beautifully.

Woo hoo! The big reveal of my firsts Goodies box! (Not really, lol....I looked at spoilers online before I opened it! The anticipation was killing me :-)

Beanitos Original Black Bean Chips with Sea Salt, 1.5 oz ~ Retail Value $.99
Corn Free, All Natural, No Trans Fats, No Preservatives, Gluten-Free, No MSG, Kosher, Vegan, Low on the Glycemic Index, High Fiber, Lightly Salted, Cholseterol Free  
4 Weight Watchers Points Plus per serving (each bag contains 1.5 servings)

Kathie's Kitchen Super Seedz with Sea Salt ~ Gourmet Shelled Pumpkin Seeds, 1 oz. ~ Retail Value $.99
No Gluten, No Tree Nuts, No Peanuts, No MSG, No Soy, Vegan
4 Weight Watchers Points plus per serving (serving 1 package)

 Dorval Sour Power Straws in Blue Raspberry & Pink Lemonade, 1.75 oz (9 pieces each) ~ Retail Value $.99 each
Fat Free
5 Weight Watchers Points Plus per serving (Serving, 1 package)

Bronco Bob's Roasted Mango Chipolte Sauce, 2.5 oz. ~ Retail Value $1.49
All Natural, No Preservatives 
2 Weight Watchers Points Plus per serving (Serving 2 Tbsp)

California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Everyday Meals, .4 fl oz. each ~ Retail Value $.47

Numi Organic Tea in Morracan Mint ~ Retail Value $.38
Made with real fruits, flowers & Spices

Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water, 1 liter ~ Retail Value $6.39
 More Potassium than a banana, 5 essential electrolytes, supports rapid hydration, zero fat, gluten free
1 Weight Watchers Point Plus per serving (serving 8 fl. oz.)

Coupon for FREE Wholly Guacamole Product (up to $6.50) Exp. 12-31-13 and Chip Clip!

The total retail for this box is $19.19, not including the chip clip!

If you want to give a fun, surprise gift to yourself every month, I highly recommend The Goodies Co.!

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