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Hyundai Santa Fe Epic Playdate ~ Event Recap ~ #EpicPlaydate

My family and I were lucky enough to be selected to attend the Hyundai Santa Fe Epic Playdate Event, at the Dos Pueblos Ranch in Goleta, Ca. The event took place on April 27th, 2013.

The weather was absolutely beautiful! I was just in the area two weeks prior, celebrating my husband's birthday, and it was 59 degrees with overcast skies. This beautiful weather made for an absolutely amazing day!


We parked our cars via complementary valet parking, and after walking a short distance along a shady, tree-lined paved road, were greeted & given map of the events to come.

My children, mother and I strolled around the property, as we were one of the first families to arrive.

There were event boards with listings by the hour, strategically set up in various places around the ranch.  We didn't have to be glued to the map that was handed out at check-in, which was very nice.

My daughter Ellie next to the Hyundai Epic Playdate Chalkboard. 

 The new 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe.

Before the event officially kicked off, a delicious breakfast of assorted breads and muffins, fresh fruit, yogurt, granola bars, breakfast burritos and coffee was offered to everyone. Water, iced tea and lemonade was available all day.

The MC explained how our day of fun, consisted of rotations of different activities, as well as 3 group events.

The activities included Epic Volleyball, Balloon Sculptures, Photography Walk & Seminar, Paper Rockets, Poetry in Motion and Group Sand Art.

The group events included, 1001 Uses for Tin Foil, Hula Hoop Bubbles and a Paint Fight!

Ellie turned around briefly, so I could snap a picture of her.

There was a DJ playing family friendly tunes throughout the day. My children love to dance!

During the first rotation, my children decided to play Epic Volleyball. This was definitely my son Liam's favorite activity. He wanted to stay here most of the day! They also brought out a badminton set for the kids to play with later in the day. 

The Volleyball net refused to stay firmly planted in the hard ground! Notice the lady in black on the right hand side? She was one of the 2 EMTs stationed at the event in case of boo boos. Luckily, I think this was the hardest part of her day.

During the second rotation, my children chose to participate in the Sand Art activity.

After the second rotation, it was snack time! We were treated to a lovely buffet of finger sandwiches, including Tuna, Egg Salad, Ham & Cheese, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Hard Boiled Eggs.

After the snack break, we headed off to the Balloon Sculpture area to see what the instructors were making.

They were making swords! They also made hats, later on in the day.

The hats the children made were not this elaborate, however, the instructor wanted to show off his skills!

I'm not exactly sure why Ellie is making a frowny face here. I think the heat was getting to her, but not a to the quiet tent!

Hyundai was really thinking here. Kids are bound to get cranky at some point during the festivities. The tent was a quiet haven with pillows for kids to rest and rejuvenate, as well as books for children looking for a quiet activity. Childcare was also provided here, so the adults didn't have to supervise their children in the tent. Very cool!

After Ellie had her rest, we had more fun with our newly made swords!

Sword fights were breaking out all over the place!

Liam engaged a random stranger in a sword fight! Thanks for playing along, whoever you are :-)

The entire day Ellie had wanted to make the Paper Rockets. We had strolled by that table earlier in the afternoon, but I wasn't confident in my Paper Rocket making skills, deeming it a "daddy job." However, we had no daddy in tow that day, unfortunately. I tried to redirect her, but to no avail. So, I went on a hunt for a parent who had already completed the activity for pointers. Luckily, it wasn't as hard as it looked, thank goodness! Ellie was a happy camper, and proudly decorated her completed rocket with markers, and wrote her name at the top.

 Ready to launch!

Yay! We did it!

After the Paper Rockets, it was lunch time. Hyundai provided a beautiful spread of Hamburger & Hot Dogs, Veggie Burgers, Chicken Breasts, Ceasar Salad, Garden Salad, Potato Salad and Corn on the Cob. YUM!

With tummies full, we headed over to the first group activity, which was 1001 Uses for Tin Foil.

These two characters explained the challenge ahead. 

The parents were to assist the children in creating a costume using tin foil. Then, the children would get into teams, lining up single file. In a relay race style, each child would run up to an awaiting parent, where that parent would adorn each child with a whipped cream mustache and/or beard, just like a Viking! First team to complete the task wins!

 Liam and Ellie, ready for battle!

Teams lined up, ready to race.

 Liam getting his beard.

 Run, Ellie, Run!

I'm not sure if we won or lost, but they both had fun!

After the Tin Foil Battle/Relay Race, we had dessert in the form of an Ice Cream Sundae Bar.

Ice cream flavors included Red Velvet, Blueberry Pomegranate, Chocolate & Vanilla.

Toppings included, Sliced Strawberries, Frozen Blueberries, Sour Gummy Worms, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Chips, M&Ms, Skittles, Crushed Toffee Chunks, and Maraschino Cherries.

By the time we finished our ice cream it was about 2:30pm. My mother, who I mentioned accompanied us, was in town visiting for 2 weeks from Northern California & had to be at the Santa Barbara Airport at 3pm for a 4pm flight. Unfortunately,  we missed the Hula Hoop Bubbles and the Paint fight, but I'm sure they would have been a blast! Luckily, for Liam and Ellie, they had got some Hula Hooping in earlier in the day, even though they were intended  for the bubble activity!

I want to thank Hyundai for such an amazing day! My whole family had a fabulous time!

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