Friday, July 19, 2013

Treatsie Artisan Candy Subscription ~ July 2013

If you are new to Treatsie, please see my post here.

Well, there was no chocolate in Treatsie this month. All I can do is hope for the best next month!

We received hard candy, taffy, caramels & nougat. Here are the details of what we received in the July 2013 Treatsie box.

1.25 oz. each Mehlenbacher's Vanilla Bean Taffy and Watermelon Taffy ~ Sample Value $ 3.66

 Mehlenbacher’s Vanilla Bean Taffy is hand-pulled and flavored with a pure vanilla puree.

 The fresh, sweet flavor of Mehlenbacher’s Hand-Pulled Watermelon Taffy will remind you of a summer picnic.

2.5 oz. Brooklyn Hard Candy in Key Lime ~ Sample Value $8.00

Cooked in small batches using a copper candy kettle, the candy is handcrafted using old school techniques and modern day formulas.

These also come in Concord Grape & Golden Pineapple.

These were okay. I'm not sure what makes them so special or different than a Jolly Rancher? They use real sugar, and natural flavoring, but I think the price of these are high because of the labor involved.

 The mixture of fresh, whole California almonds and our signature nougat creates a wonderful tasting treat that is subtly – not overpoweringly – sweet. With fresh batches made every day, you’ll always get fresh, tasty nougat.

 Handcrafted with real, top quality rum. A classic flavor made the old fashioned way – slow cooked in copper kettles. These rich, buttery caramels are filled with the smooth flavor of rum.

 Avenue Sweets’ rich, buttery caramels with sea salt deliver a the perfect combination of salty sweetness. These delicious caramels will really please your palate.

Sample Value $3.20

The retail value of this month's Treatsie box is $14.86. I must say that Treatsie has been very consistent in the retail value of their boxes, which hit right around the 15 dollar mark each month. Since we are being charged $15 for the box, I suppose that's fair! I'm always hoping to come out ahead, when it comes to subscriptions boxes though! Print Friendly and PDF
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