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Glossy Box ~ June 2013 ~ American Beauty

Glossy Box is a monthly beauty subscription service costing $21 a month. Be sure to scour the web for promo codes for this service. When I signed up, I entered the promo code "gift," and got a cool extra, which you will see below. Then, I signed up for a 3 month subscription, and got 20% off, plus used Shop at Home to get an additional $3 off, bringing each of my next 3 months to $15 a month!

Boy, did I pick the wrong time to sign up for my very first ever Glossy Box!

There was a lot of drama, and controversy surrounding this month's box. The June Glossy Box was curated by fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw. The products pictured above, are amongst her personal favorites, minus the SpaRitual Nail Polish.  Originally, this box was suppose to include a "Glossy Girl Collection" Bondi New York Nail Polish. Dallas chose 6 colors that would become part of her collection. What made these bottles special was Dallas's illustration of the "Glossy Girl" and her signature on each bottle.  Unfortunately, because of a disagreement between Bondi & Dallas's "people," the nail polishes were not included in the box. I heard online (so, no way to verify if this is true) that Dallas wanted these polishes to be exclusive to the June Glossy Box, and not sold to the general public on Bondi's website. Bondi wanted them to be available to everyone, thus the disagreement.  As a substitute, a SpaRitual Nail Polish was included instead. 

Due to the fact, Glossy Box was scrambling to find a replacement for the Bondi Nail Polish, there was a huge delay in shipping!  Most subscribers (including myself) didn't receive their boxes until the beginning of July!  Luckily, it was worth the drama and the wait! I would have loved to receive the Bondi "Glossy Girl" Nail Polish, but I've never tried SpaRitual either, so this swap is okay with me.

Glossy Box includes, a "Glossy Box Mag," which features articles about the inspiration behind each month's box, as well as provides an in-depth, behind the scenes look at the box's creation.

The box cover features Dallas Shaws "Glossy Girl" illustration.

 The perfect moisturizer and detangler for all hair types.
Full Size ~ 2 oz.~ $10.00

  SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Solitude (Smokey Lavender Creme)
Full Size ~ .5 oz. ~ $10.00

 Sample Size ~ 2 oz. ~ $4.00 

Full Size ~ .12 oz. ~ $14.50

Granada, Mi Corazon, Sargasso, Santo Domingo, Oriental Lace & Coralina
Sample Size ~ Weight ? ~ approx. $6.00

A a lot of people had their vials leak all over the inside of their boxes, luckily, mine were intact.

This is the free gift I got, for entering the promo code "gift." I'm not sure if this code still works. If not, there will most likely be a new code available.

Full Size ~ .33 fl oz. ~ $22

The total retail value of my June Glossy Box, not including the free gift is $44.50!

If you would like to subscribe to Glossy Box, you can do so here.

The July Glossy Box is guaranteed to have a Figs & Rouge Tinted Lip Balm!

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