Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap Carnival Mini Collection

I recently heard about Fortune Cookie Soap from Make Up Talk, which is a forum not only dedicated to make up, but subscription boxes. Fortune Cookie Soap has a quarterly subscription box that I was immediately intrigued by. So what does any right minded person do, when they want to find out more information about a particular subscription box service? Well, they go to You Tube, of course! You Tubers had nothing by great things to say about this company, so I decided to take the plunge and subscribe to their quarterly subscription box, which will feature sample sizes of products they have for sale on their website. The cost of this service is $19.99, including shipping. Since, I signed up past the deadline to receive a summer box, I have to wait for the fall box. Boo! There was no way I could wait until then, so I took a look at their website, and came upon the Carnival Mini Collection!

The Mini Carnival Collection retails for $38.41, but when I purchased it, it was on sale for $34.57, plus $8.95 shipping.

It includes a Carnival Corn Fortune Cookie Soap, Rainbow Sno-Cone Bath Bomb, Fried Cool Aid Bath Bomb, Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub & Mist Me Frozen Lemon Aid Hydrating Botanical Body Mist.

I got a good laugh from my fortune, because I'm a brunette.

Carnival Corn Fortune Cookie Soap $3.69
 Smells of freshly popped popcorn with granulated sugar, sweet vanilla, brown sugar & caramel.

These have to be the cutest soaps ever made! It smells just like sweet, buttered caramel popcornI'm wondering if the sprinkles on top will act as an exfoliator, or will they just melt away after the first use?

I'm not sure if I'm going to use this as a hand soap or a body soap. For any of you who have ordered from Fortune Cookie Soap before, what would you suggest?

I ended up trying this on my body, and it worked well. It doesn't lather much, but it's easy to hold and scented my skin & shower nicely! I like these soaps, and will purchase other scents! Another thing I really liked was due to the fortune cookie shape, it lays at an angle, which allows the soap to drain easily.  And, I answered my own question....the sprinkles were gone after the first use.

Rainbow Sno-Cone Bath Bomb $7.99

A citrus fragrance abundant with fresh oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, ripe melon, peaches and kiwi.....sprinkled with a touch of sugar.

This bath bomb really does smell like a sno-cone! Lots of fruity scents all rolled into one. And, it's huge! I really didn't expect it to be solid all the way down the Styrofoam Cup, but it is.  

The plastic spoon that is stuck into the side of the cup, was snapped in half, but I shoved it back in for the photo. Obviously, it doesn't really matter to me, since I'm not sharing this with anyone, however, if you plan to break up the mini collections into smaller gifts, this would be a concern.

I haven't tried this yet, but I have high hopes that it will be more scented than the Fried Cool Aid Bath Bomb, because it's scent overpowered everything else in the box!

Fried Kool Aid Bath Bomb $4.99

There really is no description on the Fortune Cookie Soap website of what this is suppose to smell like, other than Kool Aid. My guess would be cherry Kool Aid, but I'm not sure where the "fried" component comes in. I must admit that when I hold this up to my nose, I have to refrain myself from licking it! It smells edible, but of course isn't.

One thing I noticed, is the majority of the large sugar crystals came off during shipping. I don't think this will be a major problem, since I can just throw those in the bath, when I throw in the bath bomb.

 I tried this last night, and the Fried Kool Aid Bath Bomb turned my bath water a lovely rosy red. The scent was very light. I was really expecting this to not only scent the water, but scent my whole bathroom, but it didn't and I have a very small bathroom.  This product was just okay, in my opinion.

Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub $11.75

Cotton Candy scented sugar scrub with a tiny bit of sugary sparkle. 

This has a very light Cotton Candy scent. It contains Almond Oil, and I can definitely smell that scent in there. There is very subtle, shimmery glitter throughout the scrub. 

I liked how this product was "double sealed." There was a seal over the scrub (although mine was pushed in on one side, so not properly sealed,) and there is also a plastic shrink wrap around the lid of the container.

I really liked this product! The sugar granules are very fine, and melt away after a short time. My skin felt very soft and moisturized after rinsing it off. I would be interested in trying other scents of this product, and feel it's a good value. The scrub did leave a bit of residual glitter specks, here and there, but nothing too crazy.

Mist Me Hydrating Botanical Body Mist in Frozen Lemonade $9.99

This is the one product that I was able to try right away, since it didn't require a bathtub. While the product does smell like Frozen Lemonade, the scent does not last long at all. The bottle cap was cracked in two different places. As I said before, not a huge deal, but if I was gifting this, I would want it to be in perfect condition.

Unfortunately, I wasn't wowed by this product. I'm not sure if I'll feel this way about all of Fortune Cookie Soap Body Mist Products, or just this particular scent. It does it's job as a "refresher," but if you are looking for something where the scent stays longer than a few minutes, I'd look elsewhere.

Unicorn Farts Solid Bubble Bath

 I also received a sample of Unicorn Farts Solid Bubble Bath. I'm not sure if the bubble bath is suppose to be like this, but it was hard as a rock! I actually contacted customer service to ask if it's suppose to be that hard, so if I just got an old sample. The directions for this product say to break off a piece and crumble under warm running water. With the sample I got, that would be impossible. I would have to take a hammer to get this product to crumble.

Update: According to Hannah at Fortune Cookie Soaps it's suppose to be this hard, huh.....
I really wish that these products came with "how to use" instructions. For instance, should I use the entire Rainbow Sno-Cone Bath Fizzy or half, or thirds?  I would also like to see how many ounces each item is on the website, as well as on the packaging. I have no idea how many ounces the sugar scrub or the body mist are. If I were paying $21.98 for these two products, I would definitely like to know, because sometimes pictures can be deceiving. 

I REALLY want to like Fortune Cookie Soap, and I do, even though a couple of their products failed to impress me. With that said, there are also a couple of products that I LOVE! I will definitely be giving them more chances to wow me. Take a look below!

Fortune Cookie Soap is releasing two new collections soon, as well as having their annual Christmas in July Sale! Here are the dates! Mark your calendars!

 July 12th : "The Seven Deadly Sins"(not so) MINI COLLECTION

July 20th: "Christmas in July" Sale

July 26th : "Magic is Coming Collection" inspired by ABC's TV Drama  "Once Upon a Time"

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Anonymous said...

Love it! I totally want to subscribe now. These are fabulous. The sno-cone is adorable. Great review!


Heather said...

The FDA requires all products to be labeled with the weight on the package. Not sure how they get away with not doing it. Cool looking stuff though!

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