Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Zone Perfect Greek Yogurt Vanilla Berry Review #Greek Yogurt

As part of my Influenster, The Good Life Vox Box, I received a free Zone Perfect Greek Yogurt Vanilla Berry nutrition bar. This bar is designed to provide a large amount of protein in one compact bar. 

It's no secret that protein helps you feel fuller, longer, so this is a great option for me to try, since I'm currently working the Weight Watchers program. The longer I feel full, the less I'll eat, which will hopefully lead to weight loss! Each bar contains 3 grams of fiber & 12 grams of protein. Each bar is 5 Weight Watchers Points Plus. Single bars retail for $1.25.

Zone Perfect describes this bar as rich Greek yogurt wrapped around a delightful burst of berries, as well as, like a vanilla smoothie with fresh berries on top.

The flavor of this bar was decent. The outside was a sweet & smooth vanilla coating, while the inside texture was crumbly, similar to solid crispy cereal (soy protein nuggets,) with bits of berries. The berries included, strawberry & blueberry flavored cranberries and pomegranate pieces. 

I think the coating on this product needs to be thicker. Anyone notice a difference in the picture on the package, and the photo I took of the product? Not quite the it?

I've learned that I must have an allergy to some soy products. For what ever reason, after eating this bar, the roof of my mouth became irritated and swollen. I've had this same reaction after eating a Kashi Go Lean bar, so it isn't Zone Perfect's fault. However, because of this reason I wouldn't repurchase this product.

If you would like more information about Zone Perfect Greek Yogurt Vanilla Berry Nutrition Bars, please visit their website here, or visit them on Facebook here,or on Twitter here.

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