Sunday, September 15, 2013

Orange Glad Sweet Box ~ September 2013

If you are new to Orange Glad, please see my additional post here.

I'm currently subscribed to Orange Glad, but decided to contact them to see if they would like me to post a review. They generously sent me this box for free, in exchange for my honest feedback.

Each month, Orange Glad sends you 5 delicious sweets, including, but not limited to, cookies, cake, brownies & candy. Sometimes, they even throw in a bonus, non-edible item as well! Orange Glad is my favorite food subscription, out of those I'm currently subscribed to, which is saying a lot because I'm subscribed to quite a few!

The only negative I've found is, a lot of the vendors included in the box, do not provide nutritional information on their products. I'm currently on the Weight Watchers Program, and have to give my best guess about how many calories & grams of fat, etc. each item contains.

The cost of Orange Glad is $21.95 a month, including shipping. If you sign up for a reoccurring 3 month subscription, you'll save $1 per box & if you sign up for a reoccurring 6 month subscription, you'll save $2 per box. Gift subscriptions are also available.

Subscribe or gift a 3-month/6-month plan and get an extra $1 off shipping every month! Use promo code: SWEETBOX8. Or use code YUMMY10 to save 10% off your first order.

Modern Bite  Designer Chai & Almond Spice Cookies ~ 2 cookies ~ Retail Value $7.00

JJ Bakery  Almond Nougat ~ 5 pieces ~ $2.66, I based this price off of Almond Nougat I got from another subscription box, since they don't have a website.

Kelley's Kookies Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookie ~ 1 Cookie ~ Their website is down, but I'm going to guesstimate around $2.00

Cinderella Cakes Lemon Sugar Cookie ~ 1 Cookie ~ They do not include prices on their website, so I'll guesstimate $3.00.

Cinderella Cakes Oreo Cookie Cake Pop ~ 1 Cake Pop ~ Again, there was no price info on their webiste, but I'll guesstimate $3.00.

The retail value of this month's Orange Glad box is $17.66. I guesstimated the price of 4 out 5 items in the box, though! Hopefully, I came somewhat close. I highly recommend this subscription to anyone who enjoys indulging in different desserts! Everything is always delicious & packed with care. Give Orange Glad a try, you won't be disappointed! Print Friendly and PDF
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Anonymous said...

So delicious looking! And those modern cookies are incredible. I wouldn't even know if I'd eat one - they're too pretty! So fab!

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