Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Campbells Go Soup #GoSoup

Are you looking for a way to transport your lunch to work with minimal effort?

Or maybe, you have crazy afternoons that go something like this....pick up the kids from school, homework, off to another activity, like sports practice, dance class, etc.?

Who has time to make dinner, when by the time you get home, it's after 6pm!

On those days, I'd just throw some chicken nuggets or frozen pizza in the oven for the kids, and call it good!

But, I don't want to eat chicken nuggets!

It's days like this, that I would plan to pull out my Campbell's Go Soup!

I was asked to review Campbell's Go Soup in Spicy Chorizo & Pulled Chicken with Black Beans for Campbell's, which I received from Smiley360 for free.

The soup was rich & flavorful, with a hefty dose of spice. The black beans made the soup base a wonderful creamy consistency. It was chocked full of corn, black beans, tomatoes, green bell peppers & chorizo. This soup also has pulled chicken, but there was not enough in my opinion, to be called "Spicy Chorizo & Pulled Chicken." However, I still thought this soup was delicious!

If you plan on eating the entire bag (which I did) save room in your caloric budget! I measured the amount of soup in the bag, and there was no more than 1.5 servings. The Weight Watchers Points Plus value of the entire bag is 8PP.

Another reason to eat the entire bag is....How are you going to refrigerate the leftovers, if you intend on only eating one serving? Campbell's recommends that you save any uneaten portion of soup in a separate container. And, how may I ask, is this possible, if you're "on the go."

Just eat the whole bag,lol!  You are going to need a bowl, though!

Campbell's Go Soup comes in these exciting varieties!
  • Moroccan Style Chicken with Chickpeas
  • Golden Lentil with Madras Curry
  • Creamy Red Pepper with Smoked Gouda
  • Coconut Curry with Chicken and Shitake Mushrooms
  • Chicken & Quinoa with Poblano Chilies
  • Spicy Chorizo and Pulled Chicken with Black Beans
For more information on Campbell's Go Soup, including nutritional information, please visit here.

To participate in Campbell's Complete Your Story ~ Random Text Message Link, please click here.

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