Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Jungle Stand ~ July 2013 ~ Tastes of Japan

If you are new to The Jungle Stand, please see my post here.

Well, it's that time again! It's time for my monthly review of The Jungle Stand! As you recall, I had a less than an enjoyable experience last month. In June, we received a tasting bar from Taiwan. I absolutely hate seafood and seaweed, and 3 out of the six items contained those flavors. When I saw another Asian themed tasting bar, I have to admit, I was somewhat nervous I would have to endure the same flavors....yuck! Unfortunately, I did spy seaweed again this month, however, it was much more tolerable than last month's tastes!

Let's take a look!

Baked Cake ~ A steamed cake with a sweetened white bean paste filling.

This was good, but nothing special. The flavor and sweetness was very subtle. By the looks of it, you would think it's a mini chocolate eclair. Unfortunately, that wasn't chocolate on top!

Nori Koiwa ~ A rice cracker dusted with seaweed

Okay, here we go....more seaweed. I only tried one of these, and gave the rest of my seaweed/sushi loving husband. You would think these would be savory, but they were actually sweet, similar to the flavor of caramel corn, ruined by seaweed sprinkles.

Age Ichiban (Rice Cracker) ~ Crispy & crunchy rice cracker flavored with with soy sauce.

I only took one small bite of this, and gave the rest of my hubby who enjoyed it. I thought it was disgusting! I didn't enjoy the flavor at all. And, why do all Asian snacks have that shiny glaze coating it?

Hitokunchi Kurobo ~ Wheat Cracker is what this taste is called when translated, but this tastes nothing like a wheat cracker!

This has a very light & airy cake texture, with the flavor of brown sugar. It looks terrifying, but tasted good! It was dry, but very delicate.

Taruyaki Goma Senbei ~ Crunchy rice crackers with toasted black sesame seeds, coated with a soy sauce glaze. 

Why, oh why! This is just like the "pink" taste, but with added sesame seeds. Now, I like sesame seeds, so I had high hopes for this taste, but alas, after one small bite, it got passed to my hubby. Enough, with the soy sauce glaze! I like soy sauce, but the glaze on these crackers is just gross!

Strawberry Caramel Corn ~ Strawberry & Caramel flavored puffed corn.

Yay! Something yummy! These look like grubs, but taste delicious! I don't recall a "caramel" flavor, but definitely taste the strawberry. They're like strawberry flavored "cheese" puffs.  I wish The Jungle Stand would include more tastes like this in the future. I would love to discover unique eats from other counties that are sweet & delicious!

Come back next month to discover where The Jungle Stand will take me in August! 

I keep going back and forth about whether or not to keep this subscription. I paused my bar a few days ago, but then un-paused it yesterday,lol.  I hope I un-paused in time to receive the August box! I don't like paying for tastes that I hate, but the excitement of getting to try unique items that I might enjoy keep bringing me back for more!
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Anonymous said...

Weird. There are so many great dumplings, cookies and cakes from Japan. I see the traditional rice crackers, but I think they missed an opportunity to showcase the delectable stuff.

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